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Painting Statement



Encaustic provides the ability to layer my surface with multi media and create a spatial depth in its luminescence. It is an ancient form of art that is having a contemporary resurgence. Building layers of encaustic wax, oil, and often photographed or drawn imagery, my pieces speak in a landscape language with elements of surrealism, irony and pop art.

Quilts are a recurring motif in my work. This begins with a compositional attachment to the grid, and furthers recognizing the conceptual link to civilization’s development and then, more specifically, to textiles and the feminine voice. In this age-old format, patches are often sentimental and the piece as an entirety is commemorative.

Stemming from my individual narrative, are concepts of impermanence and memory. After a recent return to my Charleston, SC neighborhood, this current series shifts a nostalgic gaze on the changing blocks around my home. Visual elements that we take for granted in our day to day trigger sentiment and they are used here to offer a document in time through layers of media.